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About Leamington JOB DAY

You're invited to attend the most popular and biggest job and career fair in Leamington, Ontario. The Leamington JOB DAY is the largest and most comprehensive event of its kind open to the general public. JOB DAY is collaborative initiative organized by New Canadians’ Centre of Excellence Inc. and facilitated together with other community partners and we are proud to be celebrating seven years of success!


Leamington JOB DAY is a multi-sector recruitment event that stimulates employment in a dynamic and proactive environment like no other. Again this year we are hosting JOB DAY at The Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex, which is centrally locally within Leamington and offers free parking.


Leamington JOB DAY is well known to cover every aspect of the job-search process—jobs, employment services, career development, education programs, continuing education, career training, self-employment and entrepreneurship services—in order to create a large number of employment opportunities for job seekers and to potentially develop all aspects of your career. Thus, attending is not just about finding employment, it's also about making you more employable. In the end, passion and drive may get individuals a foot in the door, but skills and knowledge will take you further.


Leamington JOB DAY is where qualified, experienced and motivated candidates go, to apply for jobs, connect with employers, connect with training opportunities and look at

self-employment options. Last year Leamington JOB DAY attracted over 300 participants. The event runs from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Bring a copy of your resume and dress for success!

JOB DAY Location

Leamington JOB DAY

organizing committee

The Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex exists to provide residents with opportunities to participate in sport and other recreational activities in a safe and positive environment.



The Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex offers FREE PARKING

and is conveniently located.





Directions from Tilbury


  • Start out going West on Mill Street West

  • Continue to follow Highway 2

  • Merge onto Highway 401 West toward Windsor

  • Take Highway 77/County Road 35 Comber Road Exit, Exit 48

  •  Turn left onto Highway 77

  • Turn right onto Oak Street West

  • Turn left onto Sherk Street 

  • 249 Sherk Street is on the right


Directions from WIndsor


  • Take Highway 3 East to Leamington

  • Take Manning Road 19 Exit 21 toward Tecumseh

  • Turn right onto Manning Road 19

  • Turn left onto Highway 3

  • Turn right onto Erie Street North (Highway 77)

  • Turn right onto Oak street West

  • Take the first left onto Sherk Street

  • 249 Sherk Street is on the right


Directions from Essex


  • Start out going Southeast on Talbot Street toward Brien Avenue West

  • Turn right onto Gosfield Townline

  • Take the third left onto South Talbot Road (Highway 3)

  • Turn right onto Albuna Townline, Road 31 (pass through 1 roundabout)

  • Turn left onto Seacliff drive West

  • Turn left onto Sherk Street 

  • 249 Sherk street is on the left


Directions from Kingsville


  • Start out going East on Main Street East toward Spruce Street South

  • Continue to follow Road 20

  • Turn left on Sherk Street 

  • 249 Sherk Street is on the right



Directions from Wheatley


  • Start out going North on Erie Street South toward Talbot Road East

  • Take Talbot Road East to Erie Street South (Leamington)

  • Turn left on Erie Street South

  • Turn right on Oak Street West

  • Make a left onto Sherk Street

  • 249 Sherk Street is on the right



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